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The Power Plug 6/12 attenuator is a "must have" device for anyone that plays a tube amp. If you want to work your power tubes without ear-splitting volume, you need an attenuator. The Power Plug is the BEST attenuator made for amps 50 watts and less. Simple 2 switch operation for -6db or -12db attenuation. Take a 50 watt amp down to as low as 3 watts. Get your best tone! Click on the YOUTUBE link above for a demo. Click on the pic or the shortcut at left for more info.  email us with questions or check our always running eBay ad)                                                            
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Not $200, $300 or more  just

Available in 4, 8 or 16 ohm
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The Power Plug Lite offers up to -10db attenuation in a rotarty switch with -2db increments. Will accept all impedances and is rated for up to 50 watt amps. The same cool extruded aluminum case as our original Power Plug yet for those who want a lighter touch and more control.  
The Power Plug 100 offers the same -10db as the PP Lite but adds another "Bedroom Level" pot for further attenuation of up to -30db AND is suitable for amps up to 100 watts! While similar to a Dr. Z/Trainwreck AirBrake There are TWO major differences in our 2 lbs. of extruded aluminum casing acts as a heat sink, and we are HALF the PRICE!

To our knowledge we are the ONLY attenuator receive an EDITORS PICK AWARD from Guitar Player magazine.
If you play a TUBE AMP, you NEED an attenuator
if you need an attenuator, THIS is the best place to find one.

THREE models to choose from - What you need, the way you need it  at GREAT prices!
The original POWER PLUG 6/12 attenuator  sold world wide to terrific reviews for its transparency and incredible price!
The brand new POWER PLUG 100
The brand new POWER PLUG LITE
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June 2014 edition
Recycled Sound Power Plug 100
Tested By Michael Ross

"Guitar player, turn down!" Those words are heard so regularly because tube amps sound best when the power stage is pushed, often resulting in a louder volume than a venue or gig permits. That's where an attenuator comes in: Placed between the speaker output of a combo or head and the speaker, it lowers or "attenuates" the volume-ideally without affecting the tone of the amp.

Recycled Sound's Power Plug 100 attenuator ($199 direct) is suitable for taming amps of up to 100 watts. The small notch knob on the left offers 2db increments of attenuation from none (bypass) to -10dB. At -10dB, the large knob takes over for continuous "Bedroom Level" control, up to -30dB.

I tested it with an Orange Tiny Terror 15-watt head and a Little Walter 50-watt head through a custom cabinet with one 12" Eminence speaker. Each 2dB increment of the left knob revealed a distinctly audible volume drop, with virtually no tone loss. With the right knob between full on (-10dB) and about halfway counter-clockwise (approximately -20dB) the sound of both amps remained nearly identical to bypass. Once past noon, the amps started getting more compressed and distorted, but without any of the fizz that can accompany intensive attenuation. Regardless of the volume drop, both amps reacted to the guitar volume knob by cleaning up quickly-just as if they were going full blast.

For a reasonable outlay, the Power Plug 100 will ingratiate you with soundmen and club owners everywhere without compromising your tone, making it an essential tool and an Editors' Pick.

KUDOS Allows wide ranging control over your amp volume, without sacrificing sound.

June 2014 Guitar Player Magazine Review and Editors Pick Award
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Too Loud? Put a PLUG in it!
Add a high quality 3' x 16 gauge speaker cable
to your Power Plug purchase.

Standard cable has 1/4" male plugs on each end. Ask about custom cables.   
Just $15.00 ea.
Optional cable has 1/4" male plug on one end, Female 1/4" plug on the other.
Power Plug LITE
The Power Plug
Indicate 4, 8 or 16 ohm
Power Plug 100
Speaker Cables
Did you know that with all things being equal,
a 10 watt amp is HALF as loud as a 100 watt amp?

Bet you thought a 50 watt amp was half as loud as a 100 watter, didn't ya?

It's all about human audio perception.

In order to reduce what you HEAR by half,
a -10db reduction is required. -10db of a 100 watt amp is 10 watts... so a 10 watt amp is half as loud as a 100 watt amp.

A 50 watt amp is just -3db less loud than a 100 watt amp! Or about the difference between a strong whisper and a normal speaking voice!

The smallest change in db the average person can detect is 3db.

Doubling an ampís watts will increase its SPL by 3db, halving its watts will decrease its SPL by 3db. So for example if you want an amp to be twice as loud as a 50 watt amp, it would need to be 500 watts.

So now you know why a 5 or 10 watt amp is so LOUD!
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