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Just another "hobby". I have been reconing for a few years now and have done it all - foam surround replacement, dust caps, of course complete recones - vintage Jensens, Celestions, Greenbacks, Eminence, Oxford....... you name it.
Certainly you can check the speaker with VOM meter. If it measures "infinity" or no reading across the speaker terminals (one test probe on each speaker +- post) the voice coil is "open" or shorted and needs to be completely reconed.

Secondly, with the speaker out of the cab, you can test for "voice coil rub". Push gently and evenly down on the cone. If you hear a scratchy noise it is blown.

I'll post a demo pic of this procedure and a price list shortly. For reconing services you can email me here or call 501-450-0226. You can send your speaker(s) to me here in Conway, Arkansas and I'll fix it for you! Call for prices until then!
Tests for a blown speaker

Carefully push straight down on the cone
as shown

do this a few times. If you hear a scrapping
noise or you can't move it fairly easily,
it's probably blown.
You can also hook up a Volt meter across the
speaker connections. If you get infinite or
nothing - it is also a goner!
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