Recycled Sound
Greg Perrine's
Now Available for order!
REVENGE DaShit 18 heads
Class A, 2 x EL84, 18 watt heads.
Hand wired, hand stained and lacquered,
Master Volume, Gain, Lo, Mid, Treble and Top and Bottom Presence.
A TONE monster!
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You might know the story, back when Mesa Engineering made their first amps, Carlos Santana was heard to say "Man this thing really BOOGIES!" Well the first guy to play our amp said "this thing smokes my other amps....It's da shit!". So now you know how we named our new head.
Class A (like a VOX), 2 x EL84 power tubes (like a MARSHALL), Lo-Mid-Treble tone stack (like a FENDER) Brite AND Warm Presence (like no one else, almost?). This amp really sings with a very wide range of distortion and tone signatures. We really like it through EV12Ls, Celestion Vintage 30's or Greenbacks and it sounds HUGE thru a 2 or 4 - 12 cab.

We don't sell the clean tones of this amp - even our clean has a bit of "hair" on it. We sell the CLASS A and Bridge Rectifier ability to cut through and this amps amazing clarity on crunch chording - hear every note - and it is very dynamic and touch sensitive. Owners describe it as "somewhere between an AC15 and a JCM800 on steroids".

BEST components - woodgrain phenolic eyelet board (like a DUMBLE), metal poly and silver mica caps, ceramic tube sockets, Hammond OT and all aluminum chassis, solid pine - hand stained cabinets.

We are currently available at

Jacks Music
in Conway, AR

We will accept half down to start the build, balance payable prior to delivery. Payments can be made via
PayPal paid to our email address.

Email us with any questions at
and What is REVENGE anyway? First it's Greg and Mic (above). Greg is the circuit guy and Mic is the cab guy! Second, well........., it's a take off on REVERSE ENGINEERING or Rev Eng. We think ALL amplifiers are essentially reverse engineered from the original WESTERN ELECTRIC circuits from the 1950's. FENDER copied them, MARSHALL copied FENDER and so on. Some guys are smarter than others but there is really nothing NEW under the sun and we are the only ones who will admit it and we do it with our name! Of course we throw in our own touches -  removable or hinged speaker cab back panels for open or closed back use, soon to be available  "The Leaner" (a built in guitar rest under the head to keep your guitar from falling over when you lean it up against the amp - like so many guys do - even us!! Also soon to be had will be a built-in Amp stand (adjustable internal legs to help get the amp up off the floor) and the long awaited DOUBLE DaShit 36 watt amp. Keep checking back.....
Heres direct quotes from a few of our customers:
"It's a Marshall stack in a small package, I'm not kidding! Wish I had one of these a long time ago, this really is a 10. The reason for a 10? It's the sound I hear on many recordings"
Bruce H. Mulliken, MI

Just purchased a Revenge head. Wow! I can't tell you what an awesome little product you are making. I have owned Dr. Z., Fenders and numerous Boogies and this little jewel just smokes em all.

Mike H. Oklahoma City, OK
***********Breaking News***********
Visit this Link to Harmony Central - we've got some GREAT reviews! Click on this link.
Harmony Central user reviews - REVENGE Amps
Order 2 units and you ARE a dealer! Special additional discounts will apply. All dealer models are labeled Revenge
"Classic" unless DaShit requested.
*** UNIQUE ***
Speaker cabinet that can be used as a closed back OR open back -
- Artist Endorsements -
Arkansas based band
Cities and Thrones
(formerly Single Minded
  and The Frail Division)
in the studio with their new

Revenge Amp
w/ 2x12" bottom.
-  Artist Endorsements -
Revenge Amps are now used and endorsed by the great Oklahoma  Blues Band -
The Snakeshakers
(Chris Henson)
Check the songs recorded with our REVENGE Amp
Original DaShit 18 watt head w/ 1x12" cab

1x12" hand stained, hand lacquered, solid pine speaker cab
with removable
back panel for OPEN OR Closed back use

$500 loaded with an EV 12L
$450 loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30
or Celestion Greenback
$300 unloaded
All hand made, hand stained cabs are now available for SPECIAL ORDER only!

Pine heads are still $699 - we just can't promise how long it will take to get the cab made. He is currently running at about 5 weeks.
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They are getting alot of airplay, not to mention a HUGE buzz on their latest release "Sara"

All the tunes on the links below were recorded using their REVENGE Amp.

Save $100 NOW!
See below for details!
- Artist Endorsements -

Another HOT band - with GREAT guitar tones, naturally...
Check out what Mark the guitar player has to say in a recent email to us:
I am the proud owner of one of your 18 watt combos.  I
bought it at Jack's Music several months ago.  I just
recently wrapped up a recording session with my band,
Josh the Devil and the Sinners, and I played this amp
exclusively.  It has loved every guitar I have plugged
in.  On the session, I used a custom made Tele, SG w/
P90s, and a Danelectro.  Each guitar maintained its
own character, and everyone was raving over the sounds
I was getting.  In short, I'm just writing to let you
know how pleased I am with the amp.

Mark Wyers
Finally, some of my own MP3s are here. Check the little ditty TWOOFER
and Cold, Cold Day (the guitars kick in after 1:30).

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Tube Amps 101
a DVD video with almost 2 hours of hands on info, inside a vintage tube amp. Shows you what the parts are and do. What to look for and much, much more. Includes a BONUS CD with over 50 printable reference pages. If you want to learn how to maintain, identify or build tube amps, this is a GREAT place to start.
Click here for more info and to order.
We have discontinued our hand made pine cabs (scroll to the bottom of this page to see them - we MAY be able to accept a special order for one). We are in search of a new cab supplier for our two new prototypes. All of this is in an effort to REDUCE our prices and get you into a HAND WIRED, all TUBE amplifier without spending a couple of house payments!

The same GREAT circuit that has garnered such rave reviews!
The Revenge Classic 18 in 2 new configurations.
The "Small Box" head. We don't have a cab supplier as yet that can meet our price point - So for now they are $699
Here, we went back to our "Recycled Sound" roots and we have gutted new VOX Pathfinder solid state amps. We install our ALL TUBE hand wired circuit and save everyone $$$$. $649 delivered (Continental US only) We even left the 6" speaker in this head so it can be used for low volume practice, without a cab! Pretty cool!
A MATCHING 1x12" cab is on the way for our REVENGE in a VOX dress head. Vintage 30 loaded for
$399, plus freight.
3 custom CANARYWOOD Classics!