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The Amplifier Page
Recycled Sound
Greg Perrine's
The "Holy Grail"
1960 Fender Bassman and my 1956 Switchmaster
A little Marshall Micro Stack - Silver Jubilee Edition - Autographed by Jim Marshall at the '99 Dallas Guitar Show
Bass Amp
Mesa Boogie
68 and 69 Super Reverbs
I "Blackfaced" the circuits and the faceplates.
67 Vibrolux
I got it as a basket case. Before I figured out how to do it myself, Kendrick did the electronics and Rodgers Amps did the grille work. FUNNY, I reworked a Silverface Vibrolux for my freind James and his sounds better than my "professionally" redone Blackface??? Go Figure??
Texas Crude Wildcat
Back when Matt was 16 or so, we considered the above a "collection"!
79 50 watt combo
A couple of TWEEDS
(L) '57 Vibrolux (R) 5E3 Deluxe clone I built!
SOLD all 3
'53 Deluxe
'59 and '60 Tweed Deluxe
'62 Pro
'67 Bassman
'66 Super Reverb
'66 Deluxe Reverb
'67 Princeton Reverb
'67 Pro Reverb
'67 VOX Buckingham
'57 Vibrolux
OK so heres a shot of the Beatles during their 1965 Metropolitan Stadium Concert in Bloomington MN.
SO I was 13.... BUT I WAS THERE! with my buddy Mike Livingston. We had a great time!
Used our fake english accents to attract girls!
This site is now the Mall of America!