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or Things I wish someone had told me when I started!
Now including a SECRET LINK with over 50 pages of reference material you can print!
NEW Video series for beginners (but not just beginners) -
Fender Deluxe Reverb Edition


Do you own or want to own a vintage tube amplifier?
Do you want to know more about how it works and how to keep it working?
Are you interested in building your own tube amp?
Have you wondered what those funny looking parts inside your amp are and what they do?
All those questions and MORE, are answered in

1 DVD and 1 FREE BONUS CD. Over 1 hours of video - just like standing over the shoulder of an amp tech for a day, without all the tech. No technical jargon or "geekenese". Just all kinds of tips and tricks, while you watch from your easy chair.

This video was inspired by a recent sale on eBAY in which the seller, a highly regarded California dealer, described a "museum quality" 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb. It sold for nearly $3000.00. The problem for the buyer was - it wasn't what it was represented to be. This happens on eBay every day. But it doesn't have to happen to you!

The seller provided enough pictures to easily determine what was right and wrong with this amp - IF YOU KNOW HOW! This video will show you! You will learn to definitively date Fender amps and the parts inside. This alone could save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on your next vintage amp purchase. What you learn can be applied to nearly ANY vintage amp, for dating and/or maintenance/repair purposes. A complete copy of the above auction is included in your BONUS CD. You will see and learn for yourself.

This video is filmed around what was represented as a 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb. We show you EXACTLY how to determine it's REAL date of manufacture. While we go through our test amp we show all the things to look for in rehabing an old amplifier. Things like:

1. How to tell if the filter caps are bad.
2. How to perform a "cap job".
3. What to look for when inspecting the amp from outside.
4. What to look for when inspecting the circuit board.
5. How to properly convert a 2-prong power cord to 3-prong grounded.
6. Replacing screen grid resistors.
7. How to bias your amp using the Transformer Shunt Method.
8. How to clean and enhance the appearance of your amp.
9. How to read the manufacturer codes on speakers, transformers, capacitors, etc.
10. What all those parts on the circuit board actually do, and much more.

The BONUS material found on the SECRET LINK includes over 50 pages of printable information.


1. Resistor color-code chart for posting in your shop.
2. Capacitor codes and how to convert microfarads to picofards, with Reference charts.
3. Speaker Date and Manufacturer Codes
4. How to build a Current Limiter
5. Photos inside a Twin Reverb, Deluxe Reverb and Marshall Super Lead with internal parts identified   and described.
6. Tube Data Sheets on 6V6, 6L6 and 12AX7 tubes
7. Capacitors in depth
8. Random Notes
9. and over 25 of the VERY BEST LINKS on the web. If you printed the resource pages on these links, along with the documents we provide, you'd have your own complete book on tube amps with hundreds of pages of reference material. These are the most respected Websites available. All recently checked to insure they are available.

This alone can save you many hours of searching on the Internet and $100's of dollars if you were buying books elsewhere.

I have also seen other videos from so called "experts" going from $69.95 to over $150.00. What these guys won't tell you is even in tube amps - there are A LOT of opinions. I am not selling my opinions. I WILL tell you or point you to what they say and what does and doesn't make sense, so you can decide for yourself.

Am I a highly trained electronics engineer? No! Am I another Steven Spielberg in filmmaking? No! But 20 years ago I started buying and selling vintage or used guitars and amplifiers. I learned how to set up my guitars so I wouldn't have to constantly take them in to the local tech for set-up. Then I became the only PLRA certified (Professional Loudspeaker Reconers Association) speaker reconer in my state, so I could repair my, and everyone else's, speakers. Finally I grew tired of packing up so many old non-working amplifiers that I had bought, just to send them off to the closest repair tech. So I started to learn all I could through books, the Internet and trial and error (lots of trial and error).

This video set represents some of the most basic, yet important and difficult to come by information needed on tube amps. It'll jump start your knowledge on dating amps and allow you to better understand the workings of tube amps and their circuits

If you're interested in tube amps, these DVDs will answer alot of your questions and get you on your way. You can also email me for more information.

What customers are saying:

"Thanks for the great Info. You should advertise these, people need to know they exist..."

"Watched both DVDs twice the day I got them, this is good stuff"

"watched part of the first DVD and already learned some things I didn't know and I have fixed and modded a few amps"
"if you make other videos let me know, I am interested"

"These DVDs really broadened my understanding of tube amps and how to inspect them for authenticity,troubleshooting,repairing and biasing by way of the Transformer shunt method. I'm very happy that I purchased these and commend you for passing along your knowledge and insight. Contact me when your next installment comes out and I'll be your first customer. I need more insight! thanks,"

If you want to learn about Tube Amps this is the way to do it!

The BEST video series on vintage tube amp repair and maintenance available.
Tube Amps 101
DVD series for beginners!
MORE Tube Amps 101

Repairs and Troubleshooting
Over 2 hours of actual repairs on REAL vintage tube amps.
What you've been waiting for - REAL repairs and troubleshooting, inside of REAL vintage tube amps!

Check out the topics we cover and the amps we go thru in the chapter listing.

We also give you a
FREE "secret link" to downloadable (and printable) reference files -
all the reference material from Tube Amps 101, PLUS new files that we will update in the future.

Chapter Listing:

1. Draining Filter Caps (Epiphone Embassy)
2. Install a 3 prong power cord
3. Clean and Changing Pots (Marshall JCM900)
4. Silence a "Ticking" Tremelo
5. Repair a Dead Vibrato
6. Repair a Dead Reverb circuit
7. 60 Cycle Hum - Filter Caps (Alamo Capri)
8. Replace Output Transformer (Trace Velocette)
9. Retension Tube Sockets (Wards Airline)
10. Blowin' Fuses?
11. Troubleshooting a Pro Reverb
12. "Cap Job" Review
13. Use the right fuse
14. Using the Current Limiter
15. "Blackfacing" (Pro Reverb)
16. Biasing
17. Troubleshooting Speakers (Super Reverb)
Tube Amps 101 Volume III

Mods, Repairs and Troubleshooting

Chapter Listing Includes:

1. Resurrect that old amp! ('66 Bandmaster - a gain mod too!)
2. Restoring a '58 Tweed Deluxe
3. Bringing Back a '67 Super Reverb
4. Troubleshooting a '66 Bassman
5. Troubleshooting a '73 Twin Reverb
6. Intermittent Noises in a '65 Bassman
7. In a Cloud of Smoke - '78 Champ - and Gagliano Dating
8. Right Tubes - Wrong Sockets - Mesa Boogie
10. More HUM - '62 Gibson Skylark
11. Weak Output - recent Blues DeVille
12. Dead Silvertone? Model 1457 Amp-in-Case
13 Transformer Upgrade and what NOT to do -
      Mercury Magnetics upgrade to a JCM800
14. Replace a Power Transformer - JCM900
15. The "Paul C" Phase Inverter  mod - Princeton Reverb
16. Fire up that Bass Channel - '65 Bassman
17. Convert a Deluxe Reverb to a Mini Twin Reverb
The Latest - ALL NEW
Tube Amps 101 Volume IV

Noise, Tips and Troubleshooting


Chapter List includes:

1. 3 Prong conversion - the RIGHT WAY!  (Super Reverb)
2. "Red Plating" Power Tubes  ('77 Princeton)
3. Replace a Bad Power Transformer  ('79 Champ)
4. Test and Replace Coupling Caps  ('57 Tweed Champ)
5. HIGH Noise Floor?  (Silverface Deluxe Reverb)
6. Buzzing Noise? ('66 Deluxe Reverb)
7. Rehab a Champ  ('56 Champ)
8. Crackling Plate Resistors  (Gibson GA-5)
9. Rebuild a Premier Model 50
10. Upgrade the Speaker Jack  (Danelectro DM-25)
11. DEAD Supro Thunderbolt
12. Install a replacement Marshall light Power Switch
13. Biasing a Marshall

We searched thru many hours of vintage amp repairs to bring you 2 more hours of ALL NEW footage, using vintage amps for you to SEE, HEAR and WATCH the symptom and the repair. Produced in HD and made with Dual Layer discs to improve the veiwing quality. The main topic is NOISE - different kinds and how to get rid of it, along with a ton more!
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Tube Amps 101
Tube Amps 101