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The Perrine Family Page
Amongst it all, FAMILY is the most important, right? Toys are neat, but without support and someone to share it with......whats it all really worth!!
  Well..... OK, Toys ARE pretty cool, huh?
July '02 - T-shirt, Teddy Bear and flag courtesy of Kelliraes NONA!
and Gari
Kacie, Kari, 'Becca & Jess
My #1 daughter and my 3 Grand daughters.
Not yet!!
(Feb. 03)
Easter '03
Here we all are.....
My kids anyway!
On the Beach at Nona & Bobs!
Fall '03 and she was 4!
Kellirae is 5 w/her new Barbie guitar! 01/05
Mom & Bob visiting 01/05
1st (L) and 2nd (R) day of Kindergarten - 08/05
A bit different than the one top/left!
it's only 12 years LATER!!
In front of the Dakota, in NYC
Halloween 2012 with her "Nanny"