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The POWER PLUG 6/12 Attenuator - Up to -12db of attentuation in two -6db increments.
BEST attenuator on the planet at unheard of pricing! Since introducing the Power Plug, we've sold these all over the world. Connected between your amp and speakers, our customers agree it is easy to use and extremely transparent. No batteries required! More info below

TOO LOUD? Put a "PLUG" in it!

Our NEW 6/12 Attenuator. Why 6/12? Engage 1 switch and remove -6db of power.
Engage the 2nd switch and your -12db. That equals a volume reduction of 60%.

Our attenuator is a passive, resistive load with compensated impedance and EQ, which maintains the designated impedance, EQ'd such that no degradation in tone is noted, even at full -12db attenuation. Use it as a Master Volume, use it to save your hearing at practice, find your tube tone without getting thrown out of the club,  use it to prevent blowing up your vintage or low power speakers.

4, 8 and 16 ohm units available - Use TWO in series and achieve -24db attenuation - bedroom level!

Example - Your 50 watt amp - engage one switch - it's now a 12 watt amp! Engage the second switch and it's now 3 watts! With TWO Power Plugs - engage the 3rd switch = 3/4 watt - 4th switch = less than 1/4 watt.

The BEST attenuator on the Planet for the money!

Not $300, or $200! Retail Price is $124.95 - SAVE - buy direct from Recycled Sound -
Just $89.95  SAVE over 20% from Retail

Buy TWO and SAVE $10 MORE on 2nd unit.
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ADD $15
for 16 ga. x 3' speaker cord

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Our latest DVD - Tube Amps 101 - Volume IV

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TA101 - Vol IV
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TA101, MORE or VIII.

3 ft. x 16 ga. cables for your Power Plug!

NOT the cheap 18 ga. type but quality cables with 1/4" plugs on each end. Custom cables available for combo applications, email us.

Just $15.00 each.
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Our attenuator is a passive, resistive load with compensated impedance and EQ.  All that means is we use resistors to bring down the volume and hold your selected impedance. We add a slight increase in Brightness, making the Power Plug extremely transparent. That means no loss of tone, even at full -12db attenuation and no batteries required.

The response curve of the speakers at low volumes has more to do with perceived tonal changes than any fault of an attenuator. To help compensate for the speaker response at very low power levels we recommend using an EQ pedal when using the attenuator. You will find excellent tone at incredibly low volumes.

Attenuator Uses:
Turn your tube amp UP to drive your power tubes. This is where tube amps blossom and where players get in trouble. Use the attenuator to drop your overall volume to more tolerable levels. You can dial in your breakup, which may be too loud, then attenuate to lower the overall volume. So you can adjust your amp as usual and use the attenuator as an overall Master volume.

Maybe you just love that little 25-watt speaker cab with your 50-watt head? Use the attenuator to reduce your wattage so you don't blow that speaker. Maybe you own a vintage combo amp and don't want to blow the original speaker(s). Use the attenuator!

A word about potential damage to your amplifier!  If your amp has been run "dimed" or nearly wide open for long periods of time, without damage, you should be fine! An attenuator won't change that! When you run a tube amp hard there is always potential for problems, especially in vintage amps that weren't really made to be cranked all the way up. So bear that in mind when you use attenuation. Besides, an amp doesn't usually sound its best when fully cranked. Shoot for keeping it under 3/4 volume.

Volume vs. Power - The Power Plug was not made to achieve "bedroom level" volume, although TWO connected in series will certainly get you there with -24db attenuation. But -12db of attenuation is significant, as I'll try to explain. Doubling an amplifier's power or reducing its power by half is a difference of 3dB. Decreasing a power level of 100 watts to 50 watts would be a -3dB reduction. Reducing 100 watts to 25 watts would be a -6dB reduction. While reducing the output power by half seems to be a lot, it might be hardly noticeable by ear. Decreasing the power by half (-3dB) does not lower human audio perception by half the loudness level. To hear a 50% drop in the audio loudness level, the power would have to be cut by 90% or -10dB. So a 100-watt amplifier would have to be reduced to 10 watts for your audio perception of a sound level to be cut in half. You might do an Internet search for an explanation called the Fletcher-Munson Curve, among others.


The Power Plug lives between your amp and your speaker(s). Using SPEAKER CABLES (not guitar cables): Plug the amp into the jack marked IN, your speaker into the jack marked OUT. That's it! -6db attenuation is achieved by engaging either switch, -12db by switching the other.

Using a typical 50-watt amp for example: engaging 1 switch reduces volume to that of 12 watts. Engaging the second switch reduces it to 3 watts, which you will find is still pretty LOUD! But that's why we recommend using TWO Power Plugs in series, to give you maximum control of your volume!

Power Plug Attenuator
Indicate 4, 8 or 16 ohm