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Any parts you see us replacing in our Tube Amps 101 series of DVDs  can be ordered from us - right here! Capacitors, Fuses, Fuse Holders, 3 Prong Power Cords, Tubes, etc. YOU NAME IT!
IF YOU DON'T SEE WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR - EMAIL US and we'll get it for you.
3 ft. x 16 ga. cables for your Power Plug!

QualitySPEAKER cables with 1/4" plugs on each end or female on one end. Custom cables available for combo applications, email us.

Just $15.00 each.
MTA 101
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"CAP Kits"
Here are "Cap Kits" for the most popular vintage FENDER amps.

Our kits INCLUDE the Bypass caps for the circuit board AND a new BIAS cap, so you can do a COMPLETE cap job, not just filter caps. With most amps we will supply USA made Sprague Atom caps for cathode and bias positions, with F&T for the filter caps. In some cases, odd values or MultiCap cans will be of other brands! If you prefer Sprague throughout, shoot us an email for a quote.

If you don't see what you're looking for,
email us and we'll get whatever you need.
Champ Cap Kit - 5E1, 5F1 Tweed -                             $46.00
1 - 16uf/475v
2 - 8uf/450v
2 - 25uf/25v (only 1 needed for 5F1)
Champ / Vibro ChampAA764 Cap Kit                     $70.00
1 - 20uf/20uf/20uf/525v Cap Can
4 - 25uf/25v  (Only 3 needed for Champ)
Bassman AA864, AB165, AA371 Cap Kit -                $99.00
2 - 100uf/350v  (upgrade from 70uf)
3 - 20uf/500v
1 - 8uf/450v  (not needed on AA864)
1 - 100uf/100v  (upgraded Bias cap)
5 - 25uf/25v  (Only 4 needed on AA864)
Tweed Deluxe 5 C,D,E, F, 3      Cap Kit -                    $65.00
3 - 16uf/450v
3 - 25uf/25v  (Only 2 needed on 5C3)
Deluxe AB763 Cap Kit                                                 $85.00
4 - 16uf/475v
1 - 100uf/100v Bias Cap
5 - 25uf/25v
Deluxe Reverb AA763 Cap Kit                                 $105.00
1 - 30uf/500v
4 - 16uf/475v
1 - 100uf/100 Bias Cap
7 - 25uf/25v
Super Reverb AA763 ONLY Cap Kit -                        $98.00
5 - 20uf/500v
1 - 100uf/100v Bias cap
7 - 25uf/25v
Super Reverb AB763, AB568, AA1069, AA270 Cap Kit
PRO AB763 and PRO Reverb AA165, AA1069
Twin Reverb AB763, AA769, AA270 Cap Kit -         $105.00
2 - 100uf/350v
3 - 20uf/500v
1 - 100uf/100v Bias Cap
7 - 25uf/25v
Princeton Reverb AA1164 Cap Kit -                          $85.00  
Princeton AA964 Cap Kit

1 - 20/20/20/20uf/475v Cap Can
1 - 100uf/100v Bias Cap
6 - 25uf/25v (only 3 needed for AA964)
Vibrolux Reverb AA270 Cap Kit                               $103.00
1 - 30uf/500v
4 - 16uf/475v
1 - 100uf/100v Bias Cap
7 - 25uf/25v
Resistors come in packages of 5 pcs.   Specify value in ohms, when ordering  
Carbon Comp - 1/2 watt - ALL values
What vintage amps use.

Carbon Comp - 1 watt - ALL values
What vintage amps use.

Carbon Film - 1/2 watt - ALL values
   Holds power better than Comp.

Carbon Film - 1 watt - ALL values
Holds power better than Comp.

Metal Film - 1/2 watt - ALL values
1% tolerance and quiet!

Metal Oxide - 1 watt - All Values
5% tolerance GREAT for Hi temp!

Metal Oxide - 2 watt - All Values
5% tolerance GREAT for Hi temp!

Wirewound POWER resistors - 5 watt - Sold Individually
Flameproof ceramic 

Wirewound POWER resistors - 10 watt - Sold Individually
    Flameproof ceramic 
Vacuum Tubes
Carbon Resistors
Indicate Values required:
Wirewound Power
Indicate Values required:
Metal Film or Oxide
Indicate Values required:
We use JJ Electronics Tubes
If they are good enough for Dumble Amps - they are good enough for us!

All Power tubes are burned in to minimize infantile failure and stabilize output. Power tubes sold in MATCHED pairs or Quads

Email us for any other tube you might need - if we don't have 'em, we can get 'em!
6L6 - Matched Pair           $45.00
6V6 - Matched Pair           $39.00
EL34 - Matched Pair         $39.00
EL84 - Matched Pair          $30.00
12AX7 - Price Each           $12.00
12AT7 - Price Each           $12.00
Matched, but not burned in!
Don't forget.... if you don't know how to service your vintage amps - WE CAN SHOW YOU!

with our DVDs, aimed at beginners, we SHOW how to troubleshoot and maintain your amps - SAFELY!

TUBE AMPS 101 - Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

MORE TUBE AMPS 101 - Repairs and Troubleshooting

TUBE AMPS 101 - VOL. III - Repairs, troubleshooting and MODS!

NEW Tube Amps 101 Vol IV - NOISE, tips and Troubleshooting is ready for shipping!

The BEST instructional videos on the topic out there. We've sold them WORLDWIDE to beginners and even those with some experience. Check them out on our main page.
3 Prong Power Cord - 18 ga. 12 ft.  long       $10.00
What we feature in our DVDs. Cut one plug end off for Fenders.

Reverb Transformer -
for vintage Fender amps
Equivalent to 022921 and 125A20B.                                   $23.00

Reverb Pan - for vintage Fender amps         $26.00
8 ohm input, 2,250 ohm output, long delay

Fuse Holder - for vintage Fender amps          $ 3.50

FUSES - SLO-BLO - In packages of 5 -           $ 5.00
Specify Value when ordering