Recycled Sound
Recycled Sound
Greg Perrine's
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Tube Amps 101
a DVD video with almost 2 hours of hands on info, inside a vintage tube amp. Shows you what the parts are and do. What to look for and much, much more. Includes a BONUS CD with over 50 printable reference pages. If you want to learn how to maintain, identify or build tube amps, this is a GREAT place to start.
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Tube Amps 101
Reference Material
MORE Tube Amps 101
Reference Material
An actual Ebay auction in which a DeLuxe Reverb is described as "MUSEUM Quality". We think NOT and with this you can learn why!
Capacitors play a BIG role in the sound of your amp. Find out what they do and how to identify their values.
Heres one to post on your shop wall.
Who made your speakers and when? Find out here!
You need this tool, if your going to work on amps. Build your own with these plans.
These two SHOW you the inside and describe what the parts do. INVALUABLE!
This diagram will get you thru a power cord conversion on Fender amps specifically and all amps in general.
Follow the steps on this troubleshooting chart when you are blowing fuses. You'll get your amp fixed most of the time, without tools!
I don't remember where this came from, but it is an interesting read.
Below are PDF files - Downloadable files for your reference - Make your own Tube Amp Repair Book!
For all the mods we've tried that don't work, here is one that does.
Tube Amps 101
Volume III - Odds & Mods
(coming soon)
Reference Material
3. Greg Gagliano method of Dating Fender amps using the Serial Number stamped on the Chassis.
It will get you in the general vicinity - BUT
Here is a link to the YouTube video I posted that shows how it is UNRELIABLE for accurate dating